Commercialization of organ transplant essay

Therefore, to them it is pertinent to ignore other negative implications of the commercialization of the human organs, and for all persons to embrace and accept the practice as a societal norm Gorsline et al,pp.

However, simply stated, advances in biotechnology have generated uses and needs for bodily tissues that were unfathomable until recent years. Organ transplants have in some cases failed to conjoin to the recipient hence posing various health threats to both the donor and the recipient.

Such legal position of human tissue is explained through a variety of arguments. To make decisions based on an ethical code is our sense of duty. The plurality underlying of its practice in connection to the ethical, cultural, and social norm necessitate an informed approach and liberal comprehension.

Still, it seems that thousands of lives only in the US could be saved, especially if the healthcare system would include the commercialized transplantation service and provide insurance for them.

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If Kant were here he would look at his as making humans a means to an end. Also, critics argue that to allow commercialization of these organs will encourage criminal behavior.

Organ Donation Research Paper: Commercialization of Organ Transplants

Eighty-three percent of individuals in the world has an affiliation with one or more sacred, and holy religions, and seventeen percent with no religion at all, and that most sacred scriptures are edited to teach the continuance of holy, and sacred ways as it pertains to the changing time or era.

This way, donors will not just be the poor individuals but the rich as well. Transplantation of organs is one of such innovations that gave hope to millions of people. This may complicate and strain inter-relations and repress the economic growth of such misused countries.

The main body includes three parts. However, the idea of commercialization lies upon the assumption that humans will be more likely to provide organs if they were paid for it.

While there are some religious leaders and activists who claim the sacredness of human body should not be violated during life or after the death, Pope Benedict XVI, for example, openly supported the idea of free donation of the organs and said that he willed to do that after the death Bruzzone, Patricio In other words, if our bodies are just about the same type of property as any other objects, then a human individual, being a combination of its organs, may also be considered as a property.

However, the increase has not been balanced, as the demand has been growing far more intensively than the supply, leading to even more people who are waiting for a suitable organ for transplantation. However, transplantation could be more effective, as currently, the rate of demand of organs is much higher than that of supply.

Sample Essay on Commercialization of Organ Transplants

People would sell their organs, which will be ready for transplantation, yet there will be no customers ready to pay the price. Also, if one person donates an organ and the other organ gives out this will pose another health problem. Morals are the backbone and the core of society. The reorganization of the entire concept of the international legal system and insurance concerning human organs is an incredibly complex process that would lead to controversial results.

Conclusion Commercialization of human organs for transplantation is still illegal in most of the contemporary countries, with individuals being able only to donate their body parts. They argue that by restraining the commercialization process they will be automatically denied the chance to progress with their scientific research and medical advances.

By donating your organs you can risk sickness, and even death. Moreover, if we can have a right to own objects that are not part of our organism — thus, objects that are external in relation to us — we should definitely have the right to own and use our bodies the way we want to.

Such unscrupulous entrepreneurs are also perceived to have strong intentions and going to the extent of involving themselves in criminal attacks of killing people to get their organs for the sake of financial gain. To understand the efficiency and dangers of commercialization of organ transplants, it seems important to review both positive and negative potential consequences of commercialization.

When it comes to the subject of human organs, there are a few ethical standards to consider. Commercialization of Organ Transplants Thedebate on commercialization of human organs is a concept that has raised controversial issues, some of which are perceptions of human ethical understanding.

What you can read next. Transplantation of organs is one of such innovations that gave hope to millions of people. However, ethical standards provide the most ideal solutions in regards to this subject. The paper also presents the view of the right actions regarding this practice.

Commercialization of Organ Transplant (Essay Sample) Instructions: A new policy to allow the sale of organs by consenting individuals to patients in need and to medical institutions has been proposed. Essay on Commercialization of Organ Transplant Weiss Market Shortage of Organs The purpose for the commercialization of organs for transplant is to make able to provide the availability of organs for patients/people who are in pain, and suffering, and destined to die from the terminal illness of organ failure.

Commercialization of Organ Transplants Student’s name Professor’s name Course title University affiliation Date Commercialization of Organ Transplants Globally, there is a growing shortage of human organs meant for donation. Commercialization of Organ Transplant Name Course number Instructor's name Date In the UK for instance, about one thousand patients died while in the waiting list for organ donations while three thousand others received transplants between the year and (Wilkinson, ).

Sample Essay on Commercialization of Organ Transplants

Commercialization of Organ Transplants Essay Commercialization of Organ Transplants Since organ transplants are an option that is considered a safe way that transfers organs from a living, or dead person, to a person in desperate need of an organ transplant.

Commercialization of Organ Transplants Since organ transplants are an option that is considered a safe way that transfers organs from a living, or dead person, to a person in desperate need of an organ transplant.

Commercialization of organ transplant essay
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Organ Donation Research Paper: Commercialization of Organ Transplants