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The use of embryonic stem cells had not yet been proven to be successful. In fertility clinics, women are given a choice of what to do with unused fertilized embryos; they can be discarded, donated to research or frozen for future use.

Divided we stand why inequality keeps rising. Thus, it is clear that human Stem cell research is crucial in the efforts to move medical and pharmaceutical science forward.

All of these embryos will be destroyed if they are not donated by couples specifically to produce embryonic stem cells for biomedical research. Either way, a human person has been murdered in order to supply cells. The research of stem cells is a new study proving the a stem cell a primitive type of cell can be coaxed into developing into most types of cells found in the human body.

President Bush authorized federal funding for research on the 15 stem cell lines available in August Scientists who support the use of embryonic stem cells to treat numerous diseases say that for so many years, patients suffer and die from different ailments.

Take the time to draw up an outline, as this will help you set the structure up. There is no question, they say, that even at the blastocyst stage a young human embryo is a form of human life.

Stem Cell Research Pros And Cons Research Paper

This unfortunate reality only strengthens the argument of how stem cell research can benefit society. If any answer to the ethical debate surrounding this particular aspect of stem cell research exists, it is a hazy one at best.

Pros And Cons Of Stem Cell Research

Recent scientific studies have made significant progress studying stem cells obtained from adult cells and umbilical cords, neither of which involves the abortion of a human embryo.

This ethical debate has been occurring for decades and researchers, politicians and ethicists are continuously trying to find solutions to appease the general public. Organ transplants are also known to have a gig rejection rate.

This issue can be completely eradicated if stem cells are brought into the picture; as cells can be directly taken from the patient either from bone marrow or other body parts and be placed in specific organs where needed National Institutes of Health, Communication and desk crit and one more important hell have learned figure.

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Cancer could become a disease only read about in history books if embryonic stem cells were used as treatment. Denmark, ireland, france, italy, finland, united kingdom, europe and the capa tlos.

Here is a look at some of the pros and cons of embryonic stem cell research that are worth looking into. Also, there is still no concrete evidence it can develop into a fetus.

However, through stem cell research and therapy, stem cells could be used to create new and healthy tissue specific to the patient, rather than relying on donor tissue Burr et al. Bone marrow is a rich source of stem cells. Estimates of seven to 10 million people are suffering with Parkinson disease globally Parkinson disease Foundation, It is necessary that our practices remain ethical and that we uphold the value of a human life, as this is the cornerstone of human society.

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The approach to measure learning outcomes being assessed should also actively pursues a socially responsible negotiations. Advances over the past decade in this promising scientific field have been encouraging, leading to broad agreement in the scientific community that the full range of promising stem cell research should be supported by Federal funds.

Compared to adult cells and embryonic cells, the umbilical cord is by far the richest source of stem cells, and cells can be stored up in advance so they are available when needed. For example, burn victims will experience a colossal amount of pain and frustration from the challenges of healing.

As is suggested by Eckman, simply because an embryo at one week is not as physically mature as one at nine months, it is not any less human, and should therefore not be treated as such.

Thus another utilitarian argument is made, however not only does stem cell technology allow for reduced suffering it also allows for simplified resource allocation as the number of organs or possibility of rejection are no longer factors.

Choose Type of service. As opposed to adult stem cells, which must undergo a complicated process of de-differentiation prior to application, embryonic stem cells are capable of undergoing directed differentiation. Embryonic stem cells are important because they have several potential uses, from getting information about cell development to creating new drugs for medical disorders such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Critics say that the same logic should be applied in embryos. This finding is not only ground breaking but also clear evidence that stem cell therapy has the potential to cure or even eliminate certain life threatening diseases.

Cells have been taken from umbilical cords and become healthy red cells used to cure sickle-cell anemia.

Stem cell research is one of the most controversial topics of our day. As you think about writing a persuasive essay, consider the importance of this topic and how emotive it can be to discuss both the arguments for and against.

Any embryonic stem cell research essay needs to carefully weigh up the pros and cons, as well as the ethics involved. Effective treatment for stroke recovery and rehabilitation can be achieved with new Free Doctor Consultation · Same Day Treatment · Affordable Financing.

Essay on Stem Cell Research Words | 10 Pages. Stem Cell Research Recently, there has been quite a lot of controversy among the media regarding the topic of stem cell research, its pros and cons, but what is this controversy really about?

The term “stem” cells can be compared with another much known term: “differentiated” cells. Pros And Cons Of Stem Cell Research - Understand the positive and negative effects of this research.

Learn about adult cells, cord cells, and embryonic cells. There were two main issues concerning stem cell research with both pros and cons: How the knowledge will be used; Concerns about the methods; The first issue is really not just about stem cell research, as it may be applied to most research about human health.

Free stem cell papers, essays, and research papers. My Account I stand by the people who are in favor for the research.

I believe that, stem cell research has many more pros than cons. There is tremendous potential in this research in finding treatments for diseases that are currently thought to be incurable.

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