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In those years, the delayed impact in our country of the quantitative revolution and, immediately following it, the first echoes of the antipositivist revolution 41 forced us to question the theoretical presuppositions that had prevailed in the geographical community up to that point.

The case of Lyell is particularly significant.

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DNA-characterizations Evaluation and improvement The scientific method is iterative. It could be a classical experiment in a laboratory setting, a double-blind study or an archaeological excavation. Again, information concerning the evolution of human populations acquires a different value from an optimist's and from a pessimist's viewpoint.

This journal have started its first Issue on Feb-March and got impact factor within 1 year. Need Help Navigating the New Site. Our discipline had a difficult struggle towards the end of the 19th century in order to achieve recognition in the universities; moreover, because of its situation at the crossroads between the natural sciences and the social sciences, it has not only had serious problems with its foundations, it has also had numerous critics and competitors.

As of JuneFrontiers articles have received more thancitations Scopus. Profoundly innovative ideas like those Descartes -who applied the spirit of the Scientific Revolution to the theory of the earth- or the cautious attitude and empiricist mentality of Varenius could only spread and have any real impact when there appeared hypotheses alternative or complementary to that of Genesis From the 18th Century on, with the growing specialization in science that gave rise to new disciplines, and with the acceleration of the changes in theories and scientific method, the number of works of this kind has grown considerably.

At the same time, the history of cartography and the history of discoveries -which, as we have seen, were traditional ingredients of the history of geography - acquired an independent development and, although they continued to be the subject of attention for certain geographers, began to be increasingly studied by specialists: William Glen observes that [76] the success of a hypothesis, or its service to science, lies not simply in its perceived "truth", or power to displace, subsume or reduce a predecessor idea, but perhaps more in its ability to stimulate the research that will illuminate Meanwhile, the issues of the theoretical foundations of the discipline in relation to other scientific fields led to a study of figures in the past, such as Varenius, who had reflected on the contents and methods of this science.

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They will also assist in reproducing the experimental results, likely by others. A polymath, considered by some to be the father of modern scientific methodologydue to his emphasis on experimental data and reproducibility of its results.

It is responsible for the spreading of ideas and stereotypes concerning the earth, its countries and its peoples. Open-access journals Scirj is open access scholarly journal of scientific research with free access of scientific papers that are available online to the readers.

On many occasions, it is the profession that the scientist claims he belongs to -through his institutional connections- rather than the problems, methods and theories that distinguish certain disciplines from others.

Biassed ideas that distort the true evolution and which undoubtedly serve as excuses and self-justifications: As a result, it is common for a single experiment to be performed multiple times, especially when there are uncontrolled variables or other indications of experimental error.

If you want to know more about fake journals visit http: Moreover, and perhaps more importantly, it allows us to show that scientific oroblems have invariablv been formulated historically, and this underlines that what is important in science is never the answers but the formulation of the questions In general, though, there is still a predominance of descriptive and monographic studies, while those of an interpretative nature remain a minority.

Review article Review articles, also called "reviews of progress," are checks on the research published in journals. From the intellectual point of view, the disciplines are distinguished by the key issues which they seek to resolve; from the social viewpoint, by the ecological, i.

The CiteScore number represents the average citations received in a specific year to articles published in the previous three years.

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These statements about the relative strength of evidence can be mathematically derived using Bayes' Theorem. In general scientists tend to look for theories that are " elegant " or " beautiful ". The changes that have taken place since have caused a fissure in the unity, which the discipline had maintained since the beginning of the century, based on the acceptance by the whole scientific community of the regional paradigm and the historicist approach.

If the evidence has falsified the hypothesis, a new hypothesis is required; if the experiment supports the hypothesis but the evidence is not strong enough for high confidence, other predictions from the hypothesis must be tested.

There was no place for concern over natural resources since, in accordance with the divine plan of creation, man would find in nature everything necessary for life. As the 17th century progressed, the description of the earth geography gave way to the scientific study of the earth geologybut the new science -which finally acquired this name among other possibilities that were also current- developed only one of the facets that made up classical and modern geography.

We might well suspect that, as in the case of the histories of individuals, these histories of communities will have, due to conscious or unconscious bias, distortions and slants, whose precise content and purpose we would do well to reveal.

DNA Example Confirmation Science is a social enterprise, and scientific work tends to be accepted by the scientific community when it has been confirmed. Together with it we also need the "internalist" perspective, which considers scientific ideas in themselves, their genesis, their internal logic and their evolution, seeking to discover the intellectual influences that form them.

Starting from current issues, one approaches the past in order to understand the present better, and this always leads to the definition of new topics and new viewpoints in historical studies.

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It is the opinion of many in the field of social science research, that policies and procedures for handling. An academic or scholarly journal is a periodical publication in which scholarship relating to a particular academic discipline is published.

Academic journals serve as permanent and transparent forums for the presentation, scrutiny, and discussion of research.

They are usually peer-reviewed or refereed. Content typically takes the form of articles presenting original research, review articles. Journals: Impact Factor: ISSN: Publisher Name: INDIAN JOURNAL OF COMMUNITY HEALTH: (): Indian Association of Preventive and Social Medicine.

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Scientific research essays journal impact factor
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