Sleep is important essay

Why sleep is important

This in itself is a big proof of the importance of sleep in our lives. The body reacts to a lack of sleep by having daytime drowsiness such that an intense desire to sleep induces the person to either go to sleep early or sleep in late.

In fact, we now know much more about the function of sleep, and scientists have developed several promising theories to explain why we sleep. The good news is that the old adage "You cannot make up lost sleep" is not true.

Importance of Napping

A major cause of a variety of illnesses is lack of sleep. There is a large number of side effects that result from a lack of sleep. Lions conserving energy after a meal. Other sleep-inducing supplements include vitamin B-6passionflowermagnesium, and 5-HTP hydroxytryptophan — a precursor of serotonin that supplement manufacturers get from Griffonia simplicifolia seeds.

That means no computers, tablets, smartphones, or TV within one to two hours of bedtime. Each of us is qualified to a high level in our area of expertise, and we can write you a fully researched, fully referenced complete original answer to your essay question. Both eating and sleeping are regulated by powerful internal drives.

Inhale some lavender essential oil or put some on your pillow. A cycle that lasts 24 hours is called circadian. The best recommendation is to speak with your doctor to pursue an immediate solution.

As a person sleeps, it is thought that the brain performs vital housekeeping tasks, such as organizing long-term memory, integrating new information, and repairing and renewing tissue, nerve cells and other biochemicals. In fact, the importance of sleep is clear from the fact that it helps you in maintaining a good lifestyle throughout our entire lifetime.

Nick Moloney, an Australian yacht racer, gives powerful first hand insight into how dangerous sleep deprivation can be. Also, make yourself go to sleep at the same time each night, so your body gets on a schedule. One is procedural memory which is the memory which permits us to play a musical instrument and to ride a bike.

Exercise helps you sleep better by reducing stress and leading your body to feel more physically tired by the end of the day. Adenosine in sleep and wakefulness. This therefore means that sleep can help to boost one's mood, improve their concentration and put them in the right frame of mind to perform the normal tasks Harvard Health Publications.

To understand sleep deficiency, it helps to understand how sleep works and why it's important. The two basic types of sleep are rapid eye movement (REM) and non-REM. Non-REM sleep includes what is commonly known as deep sleep or slow wave sleep.

Why sleep is important

There have been thousands of sleep studies performed over the years, but we still aren't exactly sure why we sleep. The old joke is that the function of sleep is to cure sleepiness.

Prior toscientists thought bedtime was merely shutdown mode for both the body and mind. Nov 18,  · Sleep reflection essay on the steward.

Is sleep that important?

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Sleep is very Important; Sleep is very Important. October 3, Many people do not realize the causes and effects of not getting enough sleep. In this essay.

Sleep Essay Examples

Essay about Taking a Look at Sleep Apnea - Sleeping is an important part of human lives. Without sleep mankind cannot operate at the proper.

The hope is that by better understanding why we sleep, we will learn to respect sleep's functions more and enjoy the health benefits it affords.

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This essay outlines several current theories of why we sleep.

Sleep is important essay
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Importance of sleep for good health and lifestyle | Essay and speech